Next JS 13 and Headless CMS


How to integrate Next JS 13 with Wordpress Rest API.

In this post we learn how to integrate your Next JS App with the Wordpress Rest API

It supports server components and gives your website an advantage in important factors such as SEO, speed and optimization, and if we combine all these features with Wordpress, we get a not bad result.

Well, how are we going to do it?

First, Download the Node JS LTS version to your device from,

and after that open the terminal and type that:

Screenshot 2023-07-02 170902.png

After that finishs, create the .env or .env.local file in the main folder in project and fill like that:

Screenshot 2023-07-02 171330.png

That's all!

Run "npm run dev" or "npx next dev" and enjoy or customize your integrated Next JS app.

Repo: Here

Vüsal Rzayev